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Overweight Pets

Why does it matter if my pet is overweight? I think he/she looks cute that way!

Obesity in animals, just like people, can lead to serious health issues: diabetes, arthritis, respiratory disease. For example: a study found that, on average, overweight dogs start arthritis medications THREE years sooner than non-overweight dogs- that is a long time for a dog! Keep our pets trim makes a big difference in their quality of life and their lifespan and it's never too late to give them the benefits of being at a healthy weight!

Alright, you've convinced me! Now what?

Weight loss can be a complicated subject. First we may need to rule out underlying health issues to tailor their weight loss program- endocrine disease, heart disease, etc. In general, make sure you know how many calories are going IN- are you using a measuring cup or a 'scoop'? How many treats (and what kind) are they really getting? (Giving a dog a hot dog is like you or me eating three hamburgers!) Also take note of how many calories are going OUT- how much exercise are they getting? If you have any questions about making a weight loss program in your pet, please let us know.

Is there a food that will help my overweight cat lose weight?

PHC recommends Purina OM.  It is available only at a veterinarian's office with a prescription.  There are other "diet" foods available over the counter. However, cats seem to like the OM and have better weight loss results with OM.